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We Shodrobe is a commission-free hyperlocal market place to sell and buy products online. With us, you can take your business to the next level as a seller. And for buyer, you can get everything you need from the seller of your choice or near you at your doorstep.

On Shodrobe, you can browse, interact and shop products across categories such as Fashion – Clothing, Accessories, and Footwear; Electronics – Mobile, Computers and Laptops; Beauty, Luggage, Furniture, Books and Stationary, to name a few.

Selling on Shodrobe is extremely easy and buying is even simpler. With bargaining feature, we plan to give back the user – the charm of buying. For seller, we have got you covered with features like cataloging support, logistics, seller protection program and the likes.

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Interesting Facts


No Commission on Sales

Tired of paying commission for every sale you do? Bringing to you a commission-FREE platform - Shodrobe.com.


Whatsapp Integrated

Online Selling doesn't have to be impersonal anymore.


Pickup from Store

For buyers within the same city, All seller has to do is keep the order ready at the time preferred by customer. The customer will pick up their order. A hassle-free process with greater reach.


Logistics Integrated

We let you create and design everything new and innovative. We let you do what you do best - business while we provide Pan India the logistics on flat rate you need - from pickup to delivery!


Personal Web-page

We believe if it's your store - it should have your voice. That's why we at shodrobe offer personalized web page for all our vendors.


POS (Point of sales)

Free Basic POS system for Manage Offline and Online Inventory Management